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About the DocHub Members Area

The Doc Hub Members Area provides clients (distributors) and suppliers (issuers/manufacturers) interested in uploading or downloading documents to or from our DocHub with the necessary information about our service including:

  • Service description
  • API description
  • User manual
  • Release notes
  • Supporting material to make your systems ready (test cases on our test environment).

In addition to our DocHub Members Area we also build up user groups for regulatory topics wich are keeping the market busy. For more information visit our MiFID working group.

What is the DocHub?

SIX has developed a Document Hub (DocHub) that connects product manufacturers and distributors to ensure KIDs and other two types of regulatory and marketing documents are readily available in clients' e-banking and core banking systems.


Connecting to the SIX DocHub:

  • Expands your retail network
  • Eliminates the need for a direct connection to each distributor or issuer/manufacturer
  • Creates a single source for advisors to search and obtain KIDs and other types of regulatory and marketing documents throughout the product lifecycle
  • Provides reporting and 10 year archiving of downloaded documents

> For more information visit our PRIIPs KID website

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