How to transform and optimise
corporate actions processing

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Corporate actions data has a significant bearing on the values of individual securities that large numbers of capital markets firms hold.

Providers of corporate actions play a critical role in not only delivering fast and accurate corporate actions data, but ensuring that the data they provide can be automatically ingested and processed improving straight-through processing rates and reducing manual intervention.

This webcast investigates the challenges and opportunities facing capital markets firms when it comes to their corporate actions strategies. Our team of industry experts will discuss which technologies they are implementing to automate what is historically a manually-intensive and error-prone business process.

Discussion points:

  • The day-to-day challenges facing capital markets firms when it comes to sourcing, processing and managing corporate actions data
  • The qualities capital markets firms should look for in a corporate actions data provider/partner
  • The emerging technologies that can help capital markets firms process corporate actions data as accurately and efficiently as possible






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