Approach regulations strategically.

Avoid higher long-term costs.

Are you set up to identify synergies within the current regulatory data and system requirements?

Don't apply quick fixes in the area of compliance

In the current regulation-intensive environment, the pressure is on to navigate the maze of new data requirements like MiFID II or IRS 871(m). Firms no longer have the luxury of tackling one piece of regulation at a time, and the wave taking the market by storm appears to be never-ending. 

Forwardthinking firms will use the regulatory wave to assess how to avoid building tomorrow’s cumbersome legacy systems today and start looking for scalable systems that can enable automation to meet ever-changing business requirements.

Data vendors can help you to untangle the regulatory spaghetti by delivering templates, datasets and ready-packaged data and services.

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New SIX research: discover the benefits of joined-up regulatory data management

A new survey shows that 70% of firms see potential for a more strategic approach to regulatory compliance. What does that mean in practice?

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How sound data practices ease regulatory compliance

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How to efficiently address new regulatory requirements

A webinar in cooperation with Waterstechnology provides insight into what's important.

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