Are you ready for PRIIPs KIDs?

Answer these critical PRIIPs KIDs questions to ensure you're on the path to compliance

PRIIPs KIDs critical health check

To help you on your path to compliance, this health check contains the critical elements required for meeting regulatory obligations and withstanding investor scrutiny in the production, distribution and retrieval of PRIIP-KIDs.


  I am able to produce KIDs consistently across all products in a standard template

  I understand the scope of the required documents and all data elements

  I am able to calculate and visualize the risk factors for all products requiring a KID

  I have the correct legal language required for document generation in all sales locations

  I can provide translation into all required languages and local terms and conditions

  I can extend this functionality to include existing and future pre-sale documentation (such as UCITS KIDs and BIBs) to have a single solution for all document management

  I have automation in place to generate KIDs on demand throughout the investment life cycle at presale, point of sale and post-sale

  I have automation in place to update and distribute KIDs dynamically to all parties when product updates and revisions are made, including market dynamics, credit ratings, corporate actions and risk factors

  I will be ready for testing systems and capabilities required for PRIIPs in September 2016 


  I have a solution that allows me to manage who receives KIDs

  I have document management, and workflow capabilities to store, retrieve, maintain and distribute regulatory documents

  I know through which channel my distributor wants to receive KIDs

  I will be ready for testing systems and capabilities required for PRIIPs in September 2017

Retrieval and archiving

  I know where I will receive documents from

  I have one hub for storing and retrieving all regulatory documents

  I have automatic archiving in place including tracking and archiving of document retrievals

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