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Access to this area provides you with:

  • description of the onboarding process

  • data descriptions and templates in various available formats (xml, csv, etc.)

  • Release planning and notes

  • API description

    Test your technical connection or discuss alternative solutions with us and define the timeframe when you will be ready to start actual onboarding.


Industry-wide benefits

  • Fewer proprietary connections, integrations and data structures required between firms
  • Faster flow of information and reduction in duplicate workflows thanks to multiple views of data
  • Sell-side institutions gain a standardized format in which to provide data through SIX, so they can disseminate data about target market criteria as well as KIDs in a way that is easy to process for their distribution network
  • Buy-side institutions gain clear overviews of sellable products specific to client profiles
  • Supports bi-directional data exchange for sales reports



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