Space Race: Decoding the DNA of Analytics

On-Demand Webinar


New regulations, calls for deregulation, political uncertainty, market volatility due to COVID-19 and increased trading barriers are causing global businesses to do some serious thinking about how to navigate perplexing situations. This new normal is spurring a race to model the future, find competitive alpha, and be more confident with risk assessments — efforts that are more data intensive than ever before. This also means that firms will be turning to alternative data in greater numbers, which will bolster Big Data stacks and exponentially improve analytics.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is driving the renewed interest in corporate actions data and processing?
  • How important are pricing and other data histories to the new analytics?
  • What kinds of new modeling can be done via alternative datasets?
  • How should vendors help firms deal with the demand for 21st century analytics?
  • What new internal connections might be created via this push for new data analytics?



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