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Strategies, Technologies and Services for Successful Corporate Actions Automation

Rising volumes and increasing complexity of corporate actions are challenging market participants’ efforts to reconcile data, automate corporate actions processing, and contain costs. The culprits causing these challenges include legacy systems, missing skills, manual processes, data quality issues, and a lack of standardisation. Added to these is the increasing complexity of corporate actions such as income events with choices, mergers and acquisitions with multiple options, as well as more complex capital transactions.

While achieving 100% automation of corporate actions is out of reach, and likely to remain so in the foreseeable future, there are strategies, technologies and data services that can help asset managers significantly improve the automation, quality and timeliness of corporate actions processing.

The webinar will discuss:

  • The challenges of increasing volumes and complexity of corporate actions
  • Strategies to resolve these challenges, drive up automation and reduce costs
  • The practical role of standards in improving automation and data quality
  • Technologies and services supporting automation, quality and timeliness
  • The benefits of getting corporate actions right, the penalties of getting them wrong
  • Recent research identifying the extent of corporate actions challenges and requirements




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